Amateur Events Rules

  1. About this Document
    • These Rules govern your use of WG Events (the “Service”), a website designed to help you organize events dedicated to games published by Wargaming Group Limited or its affiliates (jointly, “Wargaming”). The Service is provided by Wargaming.
  2. The Events
    1. You may use the Service to organize the following types of events dedicated to games published by Wargaming in the EU (, NA (, or CIS ( clusters (the “Games”):
      1. “Meeting/Activity”, an offline meetup of players to socialize, discuss the Games, and take part in intellectual, sport, or entertainment activities.
      2. “Stream/Quiz”, an offline meetup of players to socialize, watch live broadcasts of the Games, and discuss the Games.
      3. “Tournament”, an offline meetup of players to compete in the Games under standard or tailored rules approved by Wargaming and take part in entertainment activities in addition to the competition itself.
      4. “Solo/Team competition”, an offline meetup of players to compete in the Games individually or in a team under standard or tailored rules approved by Wargaming.
      5. “Other”, other events, held after being specifically approved by Wargaming in writing.
    • (jointly, the “Events”).
  3. The Service
    1. The Service is a website designed to help you organize your Event by:
      (a) obtaining permissions to use intellectual property of Wargaming in connection with your Event;
      (b) announcing your Event on the Service website; and
      (c) getting assistance with your Event from Wargaming.
    2. Wargaming may assign you a mastery badge depending on the number and quality of Events that you have organized using the Service. Wargaming may (but is not obliged to) help you organize your Event. Wargaming assigns mastery badges and provides assistance at its own discretion.
  4. Eligibility to Use the Service
    1. If you want to use the Service or intellectual property of Wargaming to organize your Event or get assistance from Wargaming with your Event, you must apply to Wargaming through the Service.
    2. You must be authorized on the Service under your Wargaming Account registered in the EU, NA, or CIS cluster (depending on where you plan to hold your event) to apply.
    3. You must be 18 years of age to apply (or other age of majority in your state, province, or country).
  5. Your Rights and Duties
    1. You may:
      1. use the Service in accordance with these Rules;
      2. use intellectual property of Wargaming in connection with your Event on the terms approved by Wargaming in writing;
      3. request assistance with your Event from Wargaming;
      4. engage sponsors and partners for your Event subject to approval of Wargaming;
      5. use other rights provided for in these Rules.
    2. You must:
      1. communicate to Wargaming which of its intellectual property you want to use and how you want to use it and obtain Wargaming’s permission to such use;
      2. provide Wargaming with reliable information about you and your Event on request;
      3. draft rules for your Tournament, Individual Competition, or Team Competition in accordance with the guidelines received from Wargaming and obtain Wargaming’s approval of such rules;
      4. let players participate in your Event with or without invitation (invitations may be distributed through the Service), but without any participation fee;
      5. submit a report to Wargaming after the Event according to the template and within the time determined by Wargaming; such report may contain photo and video materials produced during the Event; you undertake to grant Wargaming a right to use such photo and video materials for advertising and marketing purposes and obtain a consent to such use from the participants of your Event;
      6. observe these and other applicable rules of Wargaming;
      7. respect rights of third parties and comply with applicable regulations and laws, obtain necessary permits and insurance, and provide adequate security for persons and property during the Event; and
      8. fulfil other duties provided for by these Rules and applicable law.
  6. Rights and Duties of Wargaming
    1. Wargaming may:
      1. approve the Event or refuse to grant approval without cause in response to the application submitted on the Service;
      2. withdraw its approval of the Event without cause, including if you provide incomplete or untrue information about your Event;
      3. assist you in organizing your Event or refuse to provide assistance at its own discretion;
      4. change operation of the Service without prior notice.
    2. Wargaming must fulfil the duties provided for by these Rules and applicable law.
  7. Information provided to Wargaming
    1. Wargaming will use the information about you or your Event that you have provided under these Rules (the “Information”) only in connection with your Event. You agree that Wargaming may disclose such Information to third parties if required by applicable law. You agree that you will not provide Wargaming your and third parties’ personal data (including but not limited to the name, surname, ID, or identification number) without the respective request form Wargaming. We will immediately delete any personal data submitted without such request.
  8. Liability
    1. You are fully liable for your Event, including eventual losses of Wargaming due to its cancellation, deferral, or change.
    2. You are fully responsible for correctness of information about your Event, organization of your Event, compliance with the statutory approval process, legitimate use of intellectual property of Wargaming and third parties.
    3. You undertake to compensate Wargaming for any losses incurred as a result of your breach of these Rules and applicable law as well as any expenses incurred by Wargaming in relation to your Event that were not approved by Wargaming in advance.
  9. Limitation of Liability
    • Wargaming does not guarantee that the Service or its components will be available at all times. The Service is provided “as is”. Wargaming does not guarantee that the Service will match your goals and expectations as well as uninterrupted and error free functioning of the Service. Wargaming is not liable for your actions carried out using the Service. Wargaming does not compensate for direct or indirect damage or losses to your or third parties resulting from your use of the Service.
  10. Amendments
    • Wargaming may amend these Rules to reflect new features and functionalities of the Service, changes in law, or for other serious reasons. Wargaming will inform you of such changes in advance on the Service website. Please make sure to check for updates to these Rules each time you use the Service. The latest version of the Rules will always be available on the Service website.
  11. Inquiries and suggestions
    1. Please contact us at if you have questions about the Service and these Rules or if you would like to suggest improvements to the Service.
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